MSKPN holds a number of members only events throughout the year on topics that are relevant, hot off the press and ongoing. For more information on our events, please email

MSKPN Webinar: Quality update hosted by Lucy Goldby


This session will cover HCPG, CQC registration and starting on the Cemplicity journey. Useful information for insurers – toolkit, guidance on metrics, how to present your data. Read More

MSKPN Webinar: Paediatric MSK with Angela Jackson, KidsBack2Sport


Reducing injuries in sporty children through education Read More

MSKPN Webinar: Student Placements Panel Discussion


Discussion on taking on students, pitfalls and best practice Read More

MSKPN Webinar: Recruitment & Retention with Penny Davis, Pure Sports Medicine


Penny is in the fifth year of a part-time PhD studying Organisations, Work and Employment. Her research aims to understand how self-employment affects the work of private physiotherapists and how this frames their understanding and attitudes to work and careers. Read More

MSKPN Webinar: Enhancing practice salability and value hosted by Josh Catlett, MD Verilo


Josh is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the healthcare sector, now specialising in M&A. He will discuss what makes a practice saleable and how to enhance value. Read More

MSKPN Webinar with Rehab My Patient


Tim Allardyce from Rehab My Patient hosts this webinar on Scaling your MSK Business for small to medium sized clinics embracing tech Read More

MSKPN Painless Practice Webinar


The seven pillars to build a thriving practice Read More

MSKPN Webinar: The Entrepreneurs Mentor


Creating the High Pay Off Activities that builds the business you desire Read More

MSKPN Cobweb Webinar


From cloud solutions and IT consultancy to fully managed IT services, Cobweb solutions keep your business as productive and secure as possible when working from any setting Read More

MSKPN Nookal Webinar


  You can view the recording here: Here is the material that Nookal presented at the webinar Nookal Advantage – MSKPN (1)… Read More

MSKPN Webinar with Cliniko

05/07/2023… Read More

MSKPN Webinar with James Hallam Promed: Whose Liability, is it? Insurance simply explained


Whose Liability, is it? Insurance simply explained. A presentation and discussion with ProMed James Hallam, a leading provider of insurance services to the Allied Health Care Sector. Read More

MSKPN Webinar: MSKPN response to BUPA, Ascenti and PMI Network


The impact of PMI referral networks on patient flow into member businesses. Read More

MSKPN Webinar: Exploring value in Physiotherapy


On Wednesday 14th June, Nicola Graham and Eddie, from Six Physio, will be running a webinar titled “Exploring value in Physiotherapy”. This will be an interactive webinar where we will use breakout rooms to allow for smaller group discussions on thoughts on this topic. We will propose questions about how… Read More

TM3 Webinar & Roundtable May/June 2023


Click here to find out more about our TM3 events: TM3 Webinar and roundtable May-June 23 Click here for the recording of the webinar on 24 May 2023… Read More

MSKPN PMI Workshop 21 March 2023


We will kick this off with a session on the Private Medical Insurers ‘PMI’, starting with some positive updates regarding BUPA and AXA Health and then moving into a Q&A forum to discuss current issues and to see what we can do to generate change or provide context.… Read More

MSKPN Members Only Webinar


Reflections and Looking Ahead to 2023 Read More

Webinar recording MSKPN members only


Last in our series on Ownership models. Read More

MSKPN Green “members only” webinar


Green Webinar - Bringing the sustainability agenda to your practice Read More

MSKPN Healthcode members only webinar


Keep your cash flowing with Healthcode – the pros and cons Read More

MSKPN Cemplicity Webinar


As part of our ongoing work on outcomes and quality, MSK PN have been working with Cemplicity to create a bespoke package for MSK PN members. We are now looking to engage with members and establish expressions of interest in signing up for this service. Ahead of this session… Read More

MSKPN Quick Fix Clinic: Healthcode Q&A


Monday 11 July 18:00 – 18:30 Please note we will be running a Quick Fix Clinic on Monday 11 July at 18:00, this session will be a short 30min Q&A about getting set up with Healthcode covering costs, how you set up your clinics and benefits i.e. what you get… Read More

MSKPN Quality Webinar


A chance to bring any of your challenges and questions and put them to Matthew Carr and Matt Todman Read More

MSKPN – Leadership Mindset


What do we mean by developing a leadership mindset? Hosted by Rupert Crowfoot, Chief Executive, Sixphysio and MSKPN Board member Read More

Quick Fix Clinic: Staff Vaccination Status


A "Quick Fix Clinic" on staff vaccination status Read More

MSKPN Leadership Programme 2022


I’m delighted to invite you to sign up to an innovative and unique leadership programme tailored for MSK professionals and leaders. Read More

MSKPN Quality Update: Results so far…and how these could influence your future


This interactive webinar, Led by Matthew Carr, Quality Lead, MSKPN, will update member’s on MSKPN’s quality agenda. Read More

Business Strategy and Team Engagement commercial session


Member’s commercial knowhow webinar led by Joanne Mathews, Chief Executive Six Physio and MSKPN Board member and Eddie Smith, Consultant Physiotherapist, Six Physio Read More

Workforce and Recruitment commercial session


Member’s commercial knowhow webinar led by Rupert Crowfoot, Chief Executive, Sixphysio and MSKPN Board member Read More

Workforce commercial session with members


Workforce, recruitment, pay and incentive structures Read More

Commercial session with members


Share Schemes / Contractor vs Employee models and Culture Read More

Financial Planning/Cash Flow Members Call


Forecasting Workstream call covering moving from lockdown to graduated return, forecasting, business planning and staff costs. Read More

Commercial Q&A session on acquisitions


Session covered why acquiring another business makes sense Read More

Andrew Walton and Simon Devane had a podcast session with Jack Chew


Andrew Walton and Simon Devane joined Jack Chew to Chew Over the MSK Partners Network. Read More

The Musculoskeletal Quality Standard Project


Update and review for all interested MSK industry stakeholders. Read More

Bi monthly members call


PMIs - Q&A and reflections. Read More

PMI Contract Renewal Q&A session


Following a number of requests we will be hosting an hour long Q&A regarding the BUPA Contract Renewal for Members.   See recording here MSKPN BUPA Contract Renewal Q&A session – 22 02 21 – YouTube… Read More

Establishing a Musculoskeletal Quality Standard webinar


Musculoskeletal Partners Network has produced an information document with recommendations for data collection and analysis on MSK Quality Standards. Read More

Private Medical Insurers roundtable


Time to Change the MSK pathway; what does good look like and how do we get there? Read More

Bupa Physio network call with members


Members call on Friday 19th Feb at 10am to discuss the issues impacting members around the current BUPA Physio Network renewal process. Read More

Commercial session: Landlords Q&A


Commercial session covering Landlords, rates, grants, BBL, CBIL and the end of Furlough. Read More

Members launch event


The first “members only” call of MSKPN Read More

Business Interruption Loan Scheme


A session focused on the Business Interruption Loan Scheme and dealing with your bank, chaired by Rupert Crowfoot.   Business Interruption Insurance A Glimmer of Hope? – YouTube… Read More