MSKPN exists to help your
MSK business grow and prosper

Whatever your size or location, our business mentors and member peers can uniquely support you, calling on their strong commercial knowhow and on-the-ground experiences.

Agile and Responsive

We provide a community of practice, offering advice and peer support, as well as exclusive member discounts across the business spectrum, to enable organisations providing MSK services to flourish.

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Who is MSKPN?

Musculoskeletal Partners Network is a trade association committed to improving quality and raising standards across musculoskeletal medicine in both public and private sectors


What do members think?

“You’re not alone”

“It’s like having a CEO and management team around you.”


Why be a member?

Here’s some advice from Ed Doe, Chartered Physiotherapist & Director, PhysioSpace


Why be a member?

Here’s some advice from Ed Doe, Chartered Physiotherapist & Director, PhysioSpace

You must be a member because it’s not realistic or sensible to try and do things completely alone. You can talk to likeminded people and have a sounding board for ideas, so you can stay on track, relevant, customer focused and people centred.

The MSKPN has created a community that allows me to have those conversations with people at different points on their journey. They help you assess how well you’re doing. Unless you’re measuring it, you don’t know you’re successful.

Being a member breaks down the barriers we feel as clinic owners. As more of us share our ideas, the overall quality is going to go up and ultimately, we’ll make more people healthier and happier and we’ll grow our business.”

3 month money back guarantee

New MSKPN members can sign up today and if not satisfied, can ask for their money back after 3 months.

Membership fees start at just £200 pa (tier 2)  

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MSKPN member benefits

A peer-to-peer network

Support which offers strategic discussions, practical advice and best practice

Joining up people with common beliefs

Debating where MSK services should be going and inspiring ideas.

The ability to learn from others

People who have learnt from the same mistakes, fast tracking research and decision-making.

Providing competetive advantage

Members are a core group who see membership as giving them competitive advantage.

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Listen again to our "Chewing It Over" session

Clinic Owners Unite! Strength in Numbers with MSKP, 6 June

Natasha Price, Central Health and MSKPN Board member spoke with Jack Chew – Chewing Over the collective power of clinic owners and the value of MSKPN membership.
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See our MSKPN session at Therapy Live

25th June

Great session with some invaluable lessons shared, covering the early days of starting out in private practice and the benefits of finding a mentor to bounce ideas off, through to the pains associated with growth and not going it alone but working with a partner, to the ultimate end of selling your practice by keeping an eye on the exit from the outset.

“You don’t have to battle on your own. My advice is consider what you’re not currently getting, identify your frustrations and realise there are likeminded people in MSKPN who are willing to help.”

Jayne Nixon, Clinical Director/Team Lead, Sevenoaks Physiotherapy

Member showcases

Recent “members only” activity includes

Business Strategy and Team Engagement commercial session with members
Share Schemes / Contractor vs Employee models and Culture commercial session with members
Roundtable event – Software Platform Digital Roadmap with software providers
Commercial Q&A session on acquisitions
PMI Contract Renewal Q&A session
Establishing a Musculoskeletal Quality Standard webinar
Private Medical Insurers roundtable – Time to Change the MSK pathway; what does good look like and how do we get there?
Landlords Q&A
Bupa Physio network webinar

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