MSKPN Webinar: Exploring value in Physiotherapy


On Wednesday 14th June, Nicola Graham and Eddie, from Six Physio, will be running a webinar titled “Exploring value in Physiotherapy”. This will be an interactive webinar where we will use breakout rooms to allow for smaller group discussions on thoughts on this topic. We will propose questions about how we collectively view the role of physio in private practice and aim to understand and challenge our own beliefs and possible assumptions on why people come to physio, what value we provide and why people may stop treatment early. We are hoping that following this session, other consistent topic areas will be highlighted that we can use to inform future more practical sessions to develop tools that we can take back to, and implement within, our businesses.


Please click here for more information: MSKPN webinar 14 June 2023

View the recording here:

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