MSKPN Quality Update: Results so far…and how these could influence your future


Tues 7 December at 18.00-19.00

Led by Matthew Carr, Quality Lead, MSKPN

Contributors – Matt Todman (Six Physio), Helen Preston (Preston Health), Claire Small and Simon Devane (Pure Sports Medicine)

About the session:

This interactive webinar will update member’s on MSKPN’s quality agenda. Results of our recommended quality standards will be presented where you will see the benefits they will bring to your clinic and to the wider profession. The common challenges of implementing this process will be discussed, with ideas and examples presented on how to navigate these. An update will also be provided on how the MSKPN quality recommendations are being used in a large scale NHS Digital evaluation to shape the future of MSK quality data collection.

The current views of healthcare insurers on the value of consistent quality standards will also be reviewed with an opportunity for members to explore what this means to them.



• Welcome
• Results So Far – MSKPN recommended quality data set
• Learning from early data collection adopters – FAQ’s and ideas to address these
• Position of insurers – quality data collection
• National context (BestMSKhealth) and update on ICS bid adopting the MSKPN approach
• Q&A’s
• Close

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Here is the recording:

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