In this section, you will find a broad range of resources and information on the quality agenda, split into 4 sections:

The resources in this section explain the background to MSKPN’s quality recommendations and provide wider context to the value of standardising quality metrics in MSK healthcare. Patient software templates to support the collection of MSKPN’s recommended quality standards are also included in this section.

Patient Specific Functional Scale

The Value of Creating a Consistent Industry Approach to Data Collection

Cliniko MSKPN resources

The templates provided below have been produced by Cliniko in partnership with MSKPN. They enable any MSKPN member to upload pre-formatted templates to their organisations Cliniko system. This ensures all recommended quality data can be easily captured and reported on. Two approaches have been provided by Cliniko:


Further links and resources

Summary of MSKPN approach to quality standards & data collection

MSKPN’s recommended approach to establishing a MSK quality standard is provided in this section. The key document ‘Establishing a MSK Quality Standard – MSKPN Recommendations for data collection_FINAL’ explains the full data sets required and the rationale behind these. The recommended approach to analysing this data is also included in this document. Further resources are provided where these recommendations have been presented to various MSK stakeholders.

E3 Establishing a MSK Quality Standard – MSKPN Recommendations for data collection_FINAL

Link to Therapies Live Handout (June 2021)

Therapies Live Handout FINAL
Therapies Live Presentation

MSKPN Quality Data Collection Tutorial & FAQ’s – Cliniko Focus

This resource explains how to use the Cliniko templates available to MSKPN members to capture the recommended quality standards data. Frequently asked questions about this process are included which will help members when starting out on collecting this data.

Cliniko_MSKPN Quality Data FAQ’s

ICD / OSIICS Coding Tool

This resource can be used by members to search all MSK OSSICS and ICD codes when entering the clinical presentation on their data collection template. Ensuring a consistent approach to identifying MSK clinical presentation will add considerable value and insight for data analysis.

Link to Orchard_ICD-Sports-Injury-and-Illness-Classification-System-v13.4 (excel)

Example Data Set and Analysis

An example full data set and approach to analysis is provided in this section. This will allow members to ensure the data they are capturing meets all the essential requirements. It will also ensure members adopt a consistent approach to data reporting.

Example Data Set and Analysis (excel)

Example presentation of Quality Standards Results

This is the first full data sample collected and analysed. This resource is intended to showcase what results each clinic will be able to present following successful collection and analysis of the MSKPN recommended quality standards.

Example presentation of Quality Standards Results (Powerpoint)