“The difference is this is a leadership course, NOT a management course.”

“I really appreciate the energy and it’s great to do something like this with other physios.” – Kendall

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“It was great to look a bit deeper into my own leadership style, my skillsets and behaviours and also spending time with people who are very different to me, learning how they may approach things.” – Andy.

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“It’s given me lots to think about especially in terms of my leadership style and the reasons why I might struggle leading certain individuals.”

“Really looking to the next few sessions and feel this is exactly what I need at the moment in terms of where our business is.” – Rachel

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“Big thing I took away from the session was knowing your own spotlight profile in detail and also knowing your team members’ spotlight profiles so you can work to their strengths.”  – Arron

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“The standout for me I was going out and doing some education which wasn’t clinical, outside of the business with some new input which was so refreshing.”

“That drives home to me that you’ve got to get out and listen to some new voices, not just the people you have around you at work.” – Sam

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“One of the most interesting things is this leadership course has come out of the MSKPN.”

“MSKPN has given us a really safe space to engage, chat and speak frankly, succinctly and clearly with other likeminded people.”

“There’s something wholly trustful and truthful about actually doing this course with everyone else who is in the same boat as you.” – Lucy

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