Webinar Recording: Pelvic Floor Function & Disfunction with Dr Jenny Kruger JUNOFEM

A recording of the presentation given by Jenny Kruger from JUNOFEM, at Pure Sports Medicine on Thursday September 14th is now available on the MSK PN website. In the presentation, Jenny talks about the prevalence of pelvic symptoms in women and men of all ages, the reasons for this and the evidence around effective management. She also talks about the femfit device – a vaginal pressure monitoring and biofeedback that has been shown  in research (RCTs) to be highly effective in improving the signs and symptoms of pelvic dysfunction.

We hope to organise a formal webinar with Jenny next year.

If you have any questions, Claire Small from Pure Sports Medicine, would be very happy to answer them. Please email claire.small@puresportsmed,com

View the recording here: https://puresportsmed-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/p/nathalie_smith/EQXxjkhmrtJOqva0PGf6GLQBGRuBDGb9XH4VE1_Z9FxnjQ?e=1joeOD&nav=eyJyZWZlcnJhbEluZm8iOnsicmVmZXJyYWxBcHAiOiJTdHJlYW1XZWJBcHAiLCJyZWZlcnJhbFZpZXciOiJTaGFyZURpYWxvZyIsInJlZmVycmFsQXBwUGxhdGZvcm0iOiJXZWIiLCJyZWZlcnJhbE1vZGUiOiJ2aWV3In19

The password to view is:   PureSportsMed2023