Board Director: Natasha Price

I started my physio career in the NHS in various London hospitals, finishing as an MSK ESP (now consultant physiotherapist) at St Marys and the Royal free Hospitals. I joined Central Health Physio in 1999 and built it up from a one room clinic to what it is today.  When CHP first started, there were very few others clinics of any significant size around and we were all lacking in the business acumen needed to get them to grow and thrive. We manged it, but it was not easy. I am passionate about quality, evidence based physiotherapy and felt that could only be delivered in the way that I wanted it to be, privately, without the restriction and red tape of the NHS.

Having had the business for over 20 years, I have employed hundreds of physios and learnt many lessons along the way. I have trained in management, finance, marketing and HR so now have the skills needed to run a business.

I am also very much a hands-on therapist myself and keep very busy clinically too.

As an MSKPN board director, I hope to bring some knowledge from a clinical perspective to the group and am always open to helping any members with any issues they may be having with their own businesses as they grow.