Rates Relief – getting you the support you need

MSKPN can play a powerful role in influencing, on behalf of many, in getting the rates relief we need and should have been afforded from the start.

Whether individual physiotherapy companies will be granted this relief may vary from authority to authority. If an authority grants the relief this will be a big help in encouraging others to follow suit and it is vital we all communicate to keep on top of where we are with this.

Given the nature of what physiotherapists fundamentally do – exercise prescription – the argument is strong that they should be treated in the same way the leisure industry is, particularly when coupled with the fact that it is a walk in business that has suffered exactly the same drop in business suffered by those in the retail/leisure industry.

Alongside this, it is clearly part of the medical services industry and the whole industry should be lobbying local authorities both directly and via their MPs to get the relief applied to them in the same way it applies to the leisure industry.

Now that the government has ordered all businesses to shut and for people to work from home it is difficult to see how it can refuse the same relief to those businesses that are unable to operate with people working from home. There is clear scope within the government guidelines for local authorities to consider which industries are broadly similar to those they have listed and to apply the same relief – this is what individual authorities should do.

Clearly the bigger the calls to make these changes, the more influence those calls will have – individual practices in addition to MSKPN lobbying for this.

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