Matthew Carr hosted a Members Only Quality Update Webinar on 7 December 2021

Well, those 12 months of 2021 have flown by, despite all the challenges thrown our way by the pesky virus that shall not be named. It has been a really enjoyable experience to work with so many of you on our quality agenda throughout the year and it is great to take stock of what we have collectively achieved.

We have created and adopted a common approach to capturing meaningful quality data across the MSK industry. We have influenced several of our most common patient software providers to develop innovative ways of capturing and reporting this data in a way which limits the admin burden on our clinical workforce. We have influenced many of the leading private medical insurers to see the value of prioritising this quality agenda. We have come together to share our successes and challenges in creating clinical teams who see the value in capturing and using this critical information. We have used our experiences to influence more broadly across the MSK industry, shaping national thinking on the MSK quality agenda and embedding the MSKPN approach within NHS MSK services.

These efforts are starting to bear us fruit. Quality data sets available to some of our early adopters really allow clinics to understand where they create the greatest patient improvements. Clinics are able to see where they perform less well and target their training and resources to make improvements in these areas.

All of this work will not only put us in a stronger position to demonstrate the value we deliver to our patients but will give our professions greater credibility and influence.

Thank you to all of you who have embraced and supported our collective efforts throughout 2021. I wish you all a wonderful festive break and I look forward to working with you in the new year to drive forward even more quality improvements for our collective benefit.