Lucy Goldby: Members Showcase

Dr Lucy Goldby PhD MCSP, Consultant Spinal Physiotherapist and Director at Balance Performance Physiotherapy, delves into the tapestry of her professional journey and talks about the reasons that led her to take on the Quality Lead mantle for MSKPN.

“My business has been far more commercial and profitable since joining MSKPN.”

A career researching and managing spinal pain

Having completed numerous research projects and my PhD, I established Balance Performance Physiotherapy in 2001 and it remains London’s largest independent multi-disciplinary rehabilitation centre, serving over 25k clients pa.

I have fully embraced in house research projects and multiple audits

I understand the difficulties associated with data collection and analysis and have been delighted to have the burden eased by working with Cemplicity. It’s very easy for clinicians and leaders to want to wait, as to do this properly isn’t easy. Patients and team members have to be galvanised to make it work.

I am delighted to take on the role of Quality Lead

The profession is at a point where it can no longer ignore measuring quality and it is crucial to engage in a nationwide discourse on shaping the vision of the MSK profession.

I became a member of MSKPN during lockdown

I was driving to work on 25 March 2020, two days after lockdown and realised there’s no way we can shut. We had a lot of medically well but orthopaedically unwell people. All the hospitals were shutting their doors and patients who were expecting and needing to do their rehab had nowhere to go. We couldn’t shut for them.

MSKPN was like a breath of fresh air

As soon as I joined, I learnt everything I needed to know – I didn’t have to ask, the MSKPN forums told me. I’ve enjoyed the networking, the chat rooms and I have completed the fantastic leadership course. I’ve learnt heaps and it’s very nice to spend time with people with exactly the same challenges as you.

Everyone learns all of the time

Physios are very good at helping each other. It’s really like having an MBA without doing the work. Everyone is good enough to share their strategies for overcoming issues.

Top 4 benefits of being part of MSKPN

Physios are not trained in business matters

My academic work has primarily focused on enhancing my skills as a therapist rather than developing leadership or business acumen. I’m very grateful to MSKPN for acknowledging the importance of these aspects in our field. Whether you’re an independent practitioner, run a single clinic, or manage multiple clinics, there’s an opportunity to join. It’s a fantastic organisation to be a part of.

 My business has flourished since joining MSKPN

With other organisations, you have to pay as an individual clinician and as a very large clinic, this was not economically viable. Data collection tools weren’t geared up for us and we didn’t get what we needed.

 It’s incredibly good value for money

I encourage other practices to have a look at website. Check out the other members and the types of webinars we’ve ran and the quality of the people who have spoken. No other organisation aimed at small or medium sized enterprises is dedicated to physio specific business issues.

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During my school days, I was an artistic child, often immersed in the pages of a book

Despite being a reluctant scientist, initially struggling at physio school, my involvement in Nottingham University drama society provided a motivating force. Although having to retake my first year, it was when I started work on the wards and engaged with people, that I discovered a genuine passion for the field.

In my third year, I worked at the Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Centre in Mansfield

Many individuals at the centre greatly inspired me. In the 80s, gaining access to a Post Graduate Medical Centre as a physiotherapy student was unheard of, but at Harlow Wood it was encouraged. It was the first time I read Spine and the fantastic work and research just blew me away. I knew then that all I really wanted to do in physiotherapy was to focus my work on, and research into, low back pain. Later, I was lucky to be funded by the research arm of the NHS and did my PhD in Brighton.

I spent years researching the best treatment for lower back pain management

The government had placed back pain at the top of their agenda and it was a very exciting time. Based at St George’s, our results were very well received and further funding was allocated. I then, with a team of teachers, taught others throughout the UK to implement the programme. With a top statistician on the team, it was 7 years of very hard work, however with children coming along, it was impossible to maintain that level of intensity.

Balance was set up in 2001

We set up Balance Performance Physiotherapy with a 7000 square foot space dedicated to rehabilitation and developed a team capable and determined to get patients moving. Now an integrative team of 30, located in Clapham North, London, we focus on sports injury, back pain, children, women’s health, emerging athletes, strength, conditioning, nutrition, habits for health wellness & resilience.

Our primary objective has consistently been to excel in the realm of rehabilitation

Founded originally with Graham Anderson (still Chief Physiotherapist to the All England Club and ATP tour physiotherapist) and Jonathan Lewis (end stage rehabilitation and strength and conditioning coach), whilst both remain jobbing physios at Balance, Lucy is the only shareholding director and is in sole charge, juggling clinical work with running the business. Our clients enjoy complimentary access to classes and gym facilities, and we support individuals across the entire spectrum of life, incorporating the armchair to the elite athlete, ensuring comprehensive care from cradle to grave.


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